Welcome to the website for the Social Justice Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba.  

Our Commission was established in 2002 as a key direction in the Diocesan Pastoral Plan – “embracing action for Social Justice”.  Five aspects to our work are:  spirituality, education, leadership, solidarity and research.  In partnership with those affected by injustice the Commission works to analyse issues and reflectively advocate for action.  The Commission is grounded in Catholic Social Teaching.  Our current priorities are:  justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, caring for the environment and support and advocacy for refugees.   We work to promote human rights and our actions are informed by the dignity of the human person.

Responses from Candidates for the 2016 Federal Election

Responses were sought for three specific questions from all candidates standing for the seats of Maranoa and Groom in the 2016 Federal Election.  Informing our questions is the statement by the Catholic Bishops of Australia on the election, “A Vote for the Voiceless”. 

The candidates were asked to keep their responses brief and an assurance was given that there would be no editing, commentary or analysis.  We are very grateful to those candidates who took the time to respond.  We are not suggesting that these responses should be the sole basis on which a voting decision is made but we offer them as a way of informing voters in the local area.  As the Bishops’ Statement highlights, there are many voiceless who will not be heard at this time of a Federal Election.  We ask voters to be mindful of these voiceless as they approach the ballot box on July 2nd.  You can access  a summary of statements by candidates by clicking on the links below.  The Australian Bishops Federal Election Statement is also available for reading.


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Laudato Si - On Care for Our Common Home


Welcoming Pope Francis' Ecological Encyclical

Pope Francis has released an encyclical based on the environment and the call to protect Creation.   Catholic Earthcare has prepared a great background to this powerful document.  The full text can be accessed here 

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