Submission on the Proposed Changes to the Racial Discrimination Act


The 2013 Heywire Winners - Prudence Melom

My Journey from Chad to Toowoomba..

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Australian Churches - Refugee Taskforce


Bishops Slam Foreign Aid Cuts

The Age - 11 September, 2013

Amnesty International Annual Report 2013


Save the Children Report: Surviving the First Day




Media Release: “Health and Wellbeing of Tara Residents Comes First, ” says Toowoomba’s Bishop Robert McGuckin



The Age - Overwhelming majority of boat arrivals deemed to be refugees (May 20, 2013)

More than 90 per cent of asylum seekers who arrived by boat were found to be genuine refugees in the March quarter, figures to be released on Monday show. But those who arrived by plane - despite being eligible for release into the community and not having to face years of detention on Nauru or Manus Island - were almost twice as likely to be rejected as refugees

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Media Release: Bishop Christopher Saunders Speaks out Against Children in Immigration Detention


The Chairman of the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Bishop Christopher Saunders, has expressed deep concern over the proposed detention of children and families in remote immigration facilities.

Media Release: Bishop calls for New Start on Allowance payments


Social Justice Commission Joins Right to Work Campaign 8th March 2013


2009 Social Justice Awards

The Social Justice Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba is pleased to announce that the winners of the 2009 Social Justice Award are David Totenhofer and Jennifer Wharton.  Each year this Commission recognises outstanding work in the area of social justice.  In past years recipients have been involved in campaigning for affordable housing, education, youth, refugees, the environment and the legal rights of those with a disability. 


David and Jennifer established the Oakey Reconciliation Group in 2009.  This group has achieved enormous things in its young life.  Oakey has close to a ten percent Aboriginal population.  More then half of this population is under the age of 18.  On most social indicators there remains a large gap between Aboriginal residents of Oakey and the rest of Australia.  Without receiving any funding a full NAIDOC week programme was held in Oakey for the first time in many years.  David and Jennifer promoted the message ‘It’s OK to be Aboriginal in Oakey’.  This group has also advocated to get much needed health services in the town and has, again without funding, commissioned a strengths and needs analysis.


David is employed as an economic and community development officer with Toowoomba Regional Council.  His work with the reconciliation group is much more then a job.  He has given selflessly of his time and helped to ensure that local Aboriginal people gain a sense of belonging and have a place at the table.  Jennifer has an inspirational passion for her people and her culture.  She has high expectations and is looking for opportunities rather then excuses.  She has shown great courage in taking on a leadership role.  The music that she has promoted with her brother Robert and singer songwriter Josh Arnold has been the sound track for a positive change in the Oakey community. 





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